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Cactus art 22-09-12

Imogen Kaningem (Imogen Cunningham, 12.04.1883.  Portland, Oregon  – 24.06.1976.  San Francisco, California ) je bila američki fotograf poznata po svojim fotografija biljaka, aktova i industrijskih pejzaža.

Aloe, ~1920.

Flowering Cactus, 1930

Agave design

Colletia Cruciata, 1929

Hen and Chickens, 1929

Faucaria tigrina

Sedum Cristate, 1920s

Spines, about 1925

Stapelia in Glass, 1928
Plant Pattern, 1920s

Magnolia Blossom, Tower of Jewels, 1925

The unsuspected beauty of the enlargements of leaves, stems, and buds in the book Art Forms in Nature by Karl Blossfeldt (1928) intrigued the public of the period. The American West Coast photographer Imogen Cunningham also worked with plants in the late 1920s, and her results were also acclaimed (ten of her plant photographs were seen in Film und Foto). Whereas Blossfeldt, a German professor of fine and applied art, examined botanical specimens to the art of nature's design, Cunningham was not interested in plants but in pictures--in the art she could design with plants and light, and a camera.

Autoportret sa Korona View, 1933

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