среда, 21. март 2012.

Cactuskwekerij Ubink

Veliki proizvođač kaktusa... Prava industrijska proizvodnja.

The Ubink B.V. wholesale nursery has been producing cacti and succulents since 1927. Thanks to a high level of specialization, upgrading and our own import organization, we are able to offer a very wide range from our 50,000 m2 nursery. The range includes plants from 5 cms to 4 m tall, flowering cacti, opuntia, echinocactus, cereus, echeveria, klanchoe and many other types. We can supply our products in wrapping, with a label for planting, in a display box or in any other packaging of your choice. Wholesale nursery Ubink B.V., your Partner for a large variety of an excellent quality.


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